We work with organisations and individuals across Asia Pacific and the UK to enable them to navigate the challenges of today’s complex world.

Working with everyone from large corporates, government and non-government agencies, start-ups and not-for profits, the team’s objectives are to help people to:

  • build their ability to adapt and deal with uncertainty
  • manage disruptive innovation effectively
  • use the power of systems and network dynamics to have the greatest positive impact possible
  • think their way to an alternative future and then create it

The team pride themselves in their ability to not just talk the talk but to walk the walk.  Doing so means the team keeps up with new practices and is constantly learning and refining its work.

Building capability in the organisations we work with is a key component of TurquoiseNZ’s long term approach to developing adaptive and systems thinking capacity. We therefore pride ourselves on working with and supporting a network of individuals and organisations who are leading the way in adopting new ways of working to create positive impacts both in business and society.